My upbringing was steeped in a love for storytelling, ignited by my mother's frequent visits to the movie theater. Adventures with my Australian father, from exploring Laotian jungle tribes at age eight to living with host families in northern China during middle school, further fueled my passion for storytelling and adventure. Growing up as a person of Black, Jewish, and Pacific Islander descent, I inhabit multiple collective identities, each contributing to my diverse worldview. This deep-rooted connection between love, art, and the pursuit of the unknown has been the driving force behind my journey into the realms of narrative and documentary filmmaking, where I aim to explore themes of resilience, struggle, and triumph.
A pivotal experience in high school led me to discover the world of fighting, revealing a source of storytelling inspiration from parts of the world where self-defense is a necessity. Alone in Brooklyn’s most dangerous neighborhood, I saw fighters in a new light. Figures like Muhammad Ali and Jack Johnson emerged as my heroes. Their refusal to succumb against overwhelming odds, fighting for causes greater than themselves, deeply inspired me on my path to securing a full ride scholarship to Emerson College as a writer-director.
Throughout college, I balanced three jobs to give life to Knucklehead. As the brand's CEO, I oversee every aspect, from product development to marketing campaigns. Knucklehead is a universe where each design is a distinct character brought to life through animated skits. targeting the mixed martial arts niche, we partner with professional fighters as brand ambassadors. 
As an avid martial artist, I've intimately experienced the discipline, craft, and resilience inherent in combat sports. This appreciation for the stories of fighters prompted me to devote myself to illuminate untold narratives and provide an authentic portrayal of their lives, utilizing a cinema verite approach. No matter where I am in the world, I’m able to connect with subjects and gain their trust. As a screenwriter, I naturally think of potential storylines being woven during interviews and events while following subjects. Moreover, my photography background has allowed me to communicate these themes visually. In hopes to highlight unsung stories, I pitched a documentary project to Emerson College, focusing on the lives of three child fighters from Khlong Toei, Thailand's most notorious slum. With secured sponsorship, I embarked on a six-week journey to Bangkok, immersing myself in their world, scouting subjects, directing, and shooting the documentary. With a lifelong exposure to diverse cultures and a keen sense of narrative storytelling, I am poised to craft compelling and authentic narratives that resonate with audiences globally.
Me and Bas in Khlong Toei. Bas is an 8 year old Muay Thai fighter and protagonist of the documentary. I'm currently editing this film while studying at Emerson's LA campus.
Me and Bas in Khlong Toei. Bas is an 8 year old Muay Thai fighter and protagonist of the documentary. I'm currently editing this film while studying at Emerson's LA campus.
Knucklehead: The brand's protagonist. an angsty teen doomed to a fist attached to his head. Underneath his rough edges he hides his heart white knuckled. because if he opens his fist, at any moment, his heart could fly away. 
Can he build the courage to open his fist for a girl he loves all the while being bullied for his mutation? Join him on his epic journey of self actualization through martial arts.
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